Clifton Pastoral Charge

Hilden and Old Barns United Churches

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Beckie Burrows - Old Barns Organist/Choir Director

Beckie McCurdy Burrows began filling in as the summer organist in Old Barns in the late 1960`s. She graduated from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Music Education in 1974. In 1988, she took over as the year round organist and choir director.  

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Judy Loughead - Charge Secretary

Judy was the Charge Secretary for a few years prior to 1998. She worked as Administrative Assistant to Human Resources with the Chignecto Central Regional School Board for 15 years and retired in June of 2015. Since March 2017 she is working as the Clifton Pastoral Charge Secretary. Her main responsibility is the weekly bulletin. Judy is a member of the Old Barns church, choir, and manages the website.  

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Edith Selwyn-Smith - Hilden Organist/Choir Director

While taking piano lessons at a young age, Edith was introduced to playing the organ where her teacher was organist at the local United Church. Edith studied to be a music teacher but opted to pursue a career in banking and became substitute organist at Riverview United Church, NB. When her husband entered ministry, she resumed playing organ and piano for various churches and venues as requested and from 2010-2015 was full time musician for Advocate United Church. She began as organist/choir director at Hilden United Church in the Spring of 2016.  

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The Reverend David LeBlanc

The Reverend David LeBlanc grew up in Moncton, New Brunswick. He has a Masters in Divinity from Emmanuel College, (1981) Toronto, Ontario. David was ordained by Maritime Conference in 1982 and has served six Pastoral Charges: one in Ontario and five in Nova Scotia. (37 years in ministry). He has served as a reserve officer in the Canadian Arm Forces and currently serve as a civilian instructor for 324 Bonaventure Sea Cadet Corps, Stewiacke. For the last six years summers, he has served as a Chaplain the HMCS Acadia, Cadet Training Center, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. David is the Chaplain for Royal Canadian Legion #70, Stewiacke. Currently he serves on the Presbytery Advisory team with Fay Smith working with Pastoral Charges which are disbanding or transferring cemeteries to community groups. He is also a member of the Conference Transition Commission for region 15 (N.S. and Bermuda). His wife's name is Merilyn.  

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